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Jason Barger brings a unique and intuitive aesthetic to his work with stone.  He was born into a family of artists, and grew up in a converted 18th century grist mill in picturesque Bucks County, Pennsylvania; a setting from which he continues to draw inspiration for his work today.  He created his first sculptural work at the age of eight, using scrap material found in the studio of his father, the renowned modernist sculptor Raymond Barger.   

An avid lover of nature, Jason also creates very specialized structures for clients out of materials found on the land.   These eco-structures, made of stone, wood, and other materials, work in the landscape as sculptural/architectural elements, while also serving an environmental purpose, offering protection to birds and other wildlife.  As part of his overall environmental vision, Jason has recently added a new design element to his work with these eco-constructs: multi-purpose stone sculptures that serve as wildlife feeding and watering stations.  One of these pieces has recently been installed at the Audubon Center in Solebury, Pennsylvania and will serve as a prototype for a future series of sculptures.    

While working in stone always requires a specific focus on the immediate materials at hand, Jason brings his own unique vision to every project he undertakes.  He is known in the construction and design trade for his ability to solve problems/create solutions in stone with an economy of gesture and a unique respect for the medium.  As a consummate craftsman and artist, he is always looking for new challenges in his work, and welcomes all inquiries, whether working with designers and architects or undertaking commissioned work.

Jason lives and works on a 60 acre farm in central New Jersey, sharing his life with his partner, Linda, and their magical cat Zena.  He is available for consultation by telephone or email, and is happy to consider projects beyond the New York/Philadelphia area.   


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